Insurance Plan

Many Indian players are afraid of playing Rummy because they feel that I should not lose my amount. But Rupees Rummy is also giving such players a chance to play Rummy online and win a lot of prizes.

Terms & Condition:-

1) Only VIP member can get this policy.(for getting this policy you must first become VIP member.)
2) For getting insurance policy please mail us on support@
3) You can claim the insurance only three times during the validity (6Month) of your membership.
4) After becoming VIP member, you can send the first insurance claim request after 20 days
5) The player can take a maximum of 30 days insurance at a time
6) If the player sends a request after a period of 30 days, then he will get a claim for the last 30 days only.
7) On the day the player sends the request, insurance will be given to the amount left after deducting the withdrawal amount and current amount from the total addcash for that period.
8) If the player's current amount plus withdraw amount is more than his addcash amount, then in this case the insurance request will be rejected.
9) Insurance will be available only on the amount of 50% of the lost amount. 25% of which will be credited to your gaming account
10) This policy will not work on the amount lost in the friend table